Torqeedo Outboard 603 1003 1103 1103 CS 1103 CL S L Travel Cruise 3 6 10 TL TS RS RL Best Prices UK 

The best selling Models are the Travel and Cruise Ranges



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TORQEEDO Outboard are the leading maker of a PROPER outboard engine that is ELECTRIC. click on the logo to go to the manufacturers web site.


The Torqeedo offer has got complicated recently and as you may have read Torqeedo has been bought by Yamaha so more changes are comming !


The Travel range is all new for 2024 season with a full range of 2-5 hp motors in Long, Short, Tiller and remote control, all these have integral batteries and all our prices for TRAVEL motors include the battery and charger.


The Cruise range are priced motor only, the battery and charger are an extra.


The Torqeedo line up is broadly 3 ranges


TRAVEL:  Integral battery, outboard design, 2 - 5 hp both tiller and Remote control


CRUISE:  Both POD Drive and outboard format units that need EXTERNAL BATTERIES  5 - 20 hp  Some tiller options but mainly Remote Control


INBOARD:  Deep Blue in a variety of instalation formats 40 - 115 hp, these are complicated and you will need to contact us to discuss them.