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Is it time you replaced your inflatable?  We have a huge selection of craft and it can be confusing, contact us and with a few simple questions it normally becomes obvious which is the best boat for you ! We have a lot of inflatable boat for sale.


50 years selling ~ you can TRUST us !

For ADVICE each of the above logos takes you to a page with an overview of the make and links to the manufacturers web sites of the craft.  To buy inflatable Craft, Boats, Ribs & Dinghies, from BMC go to the online shop at the top of the page.


Look at the video at the foot of the page, this shows how important  it is NOT to drag an inflatable boat, use launch wheels or carry it.

We sell all of the main makes available in the UK, Zodiac, Bombard, Sun Sport, Zoom, Mercury, Quicksilver, AB, Aqualine, Silverline, Talamex and can advise on which Inflatable boat best suits your needs.


No one make has a monoply on every model of craft in the range being good, we can help you through the maze of choice.  We have over 50 years experience selling inflatable boats and all our staff ACTUALLY use the boats so talk from first hand experience.


We also have wide experience of the different boats with different makes and models of motor, contact us for advice on what will suit your application best.  We can advise on looking after your boat, getting serviced, even if a used craft you are looking at is "good value"


Below is a useful guide to how to start deciding what sort of craft you need.




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Look at this video, this shows how important  it is NOT to drag an inflatable boat, use launch wheels or carry it.