FLIR & BUSHNELL Night Vision (Infra Red)  Thermal Monocular and Binocular Camera / Optics

We have all of these units listed in our E BAY Shop, where there are more details and pricing.  We have FIRST HAND experience of this kit and can offer advice on suitability for your application.


NIGHT VISION:  This uses Infra Red Light, we can not see this but some animals can so this is limited in as much it gives away your position to an animal when you turn it on but it has ranges of upto 1000m at comparitively low cost.  Effectivel you have vision in totla darkness, theunits will record stills and Video in both daylight (Colour) and night time (Black and White)  They are MAGNIFIERS and will have a zoom function (a bit like a camera)


THERMAL:  This finds heat sources, whilst the units will shoot low Rs VGA video and stills these are primarily for use to find HEAT in both light and dark, ideal for detecting animals in the dark, search and rescue operations, man over board situations, asessing heat lost from buildings, cars, checking for hot spots in bush fire situations.


The ues are wide, they are NOT high Res cameras and DO NOT HAVE zoom ability.


Below are links to Videos showing how the units work.