Aqualine ~ Silverline ~ Talamex Inflatable Boats SIB and Rib From Mercury Quicksilver 


Aqualine Inflatables

Sun Sport Inflatables

Silverline Ribs  


These are all brought in to the UK by the Mercury Importer.  They offer an excellent quality boat with a VERY GOOD warranty, backed by a "proper company" Barrus, all at VERY competitive prices.  The craft can be bought on their own or as a package with Mercury and Mariner Outboard Motors.


TALAMEX  is also a name that appears on the craft



Follow the links below for pricing and details on each of the Silverline, Aqualine, Sun Sport & Talamex Model Ranges.



Talamex Aqualine: Slatt & Air Deck 2 - 3.5 m


Talamex Silverline: Ally Hull True Rib 2.7 - 3.1 m