Torqeedo 603 1003CS 1003 1103CS 1103CL S L Travel Cruise 3 4 8 TL TS RS RL Best Prices UK 

The best selling Models are Travel 1003 S, 1003 L , 603 S,  Cruise 2.0, Cruise 4.0


TORQEEDO are the only maker of a PROPER outboard engine that is ELECTRIC. click on the logo to go to the manufacturers web site.


They have several models but basically the Travel 1103 is the one that sells, this is a 3 hp motor BUT the on board, rechargable, battery will give at MOST 30 mins of flat out use, maybe 2 hours use at tick over.  You can not connect an external battery supply to it.  The NEW 603 is a 2 hp unit and keenly priced.


The Cruise range need external batteries and therefore can run for longer.


The range has some big motors in it, something like "Big Blue"  @ 80 hp petrol equivalent costs TWICE as much as a petrol motor and then the battery's and they can cost as much as the motor AGAIN.


Contact us to discuss the Big Blue !