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We can supply a Cover to suit any type of craft.


We have a wide range of paterns off the shelf and we offer a made to measure service as well.  We aslo have a Wide range of Boat Carry Bags and Prop Bags 

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Buy DANUU Canoe Kayak SUP Covers & Carry Bags


Danuu Canoe Kayak & SUP Covers:


All the way from California these brilliantly designed and robust covers allow the craft to dry out and breathe when in the cover.  They protect your investment from transit damage when on the roof and are adjustable to suit a range of craft.  The bag that the cover itself packs into doubles as a RED END MARKER / FLAG  They feature reinforced seams, cross stitching for More secure strap fittings, centre strap for high wind safety and NO METAL PARTS TO RUST !


When unpacked from the built in red storage bag the cover lays out as a FLAT SHEET.  You place the Canoe / Kayak on it and wrap the sheet around and then do up the straps to hold it all in place.  If storing outside make sure the EDGES are facing down so that water runs off rather than inside the cover.

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