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 SUZUKI offer a complete range of 4 stroke outboard motors from 2.5 through to 300 hp.


To see the full range click on the logo.  To buy Suzuki Outboard Motors & Engines from BMC in the UK  Please CONTACT US.


Like other brands EFI takes over beyond 25 hp engines and the Fly By Wire controls are available on models of 150 hp and larger, often as an option so check the details of the model.


The launch of the "Lean Burn" models has been interesting.  It has caught the imagination but appears not to make that much difference to the actual fuel used !  More markering, a sticker is cheap to fit to a motor !


To Buy Suzuki motors we have a few Suzuki models in our on line store below but for most of them please CONTACT US for pricing.

VISIT MANUFACTURERS WEB SITE FOR ADVICE ON MODELS AVAILABLE:  DF 2.5   DF 4  DF 5  DF 6  DF 8   DF 9.9   DF 15  DF 20  DF 25  DF 30   DF 40   DF 50   DF 60   DF 70   DF 80   DF 90    DF 100            DF 115   DF 140    DF 150 Lean Burn    DF 175 Lean Burn   DF 200   DF 225   DF 250   DF 250 Lean Burn  DF 300 Lean Burn

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